Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tachigaa Waterfall in the Rain Ain't the Same

waterfall, gif, recent rain,mud

This visit to the waterfalls provided a good opportunity to do some GPS stuff.

The rains, we had yesterday sort of ruined things for photography.

This animation demonstrates how muddy the water can become at the base of the falls.

waterfalls, close-up, zoomed lens

One way to eliminate the mud from the scene is to crop it out.

That can be done in camera with a zoom lens, as shown here.

Or, by walking closer to the subject if, you are not equipped with a zoom.

Other options, would be, to crop the dirty water out in post processing.

waterfall, swimmer

Or, go back to visit in September, when it's a little cooler and the water clears up !

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Kim said...

Where is this?

RyukyuMike said...

Kim, It's Higashi, northeast coast of the island. If you can see my photos on Google+ they have been geo-tagged and, show you exactly where on the map. Other way to find directions, would be check the links on blog posts.