Monday, August 24, 2015

Food Photo and Recipe: Okinawan Chahan

Also Known As Fried Rice



Tropical Cyclone #16 or, Typhoon Goni, seems to have left Okinawa.

Tonight, I took a stroll over to the office and, didn't notice much damage along the way.

Not, having gotten out with the cameras, I had to dig up something from the past.

Fried rice is something, I consider, a lightweight meal.

After woofing down a large sized bowl of it, I'm full, for about an hour.

Then, the urge to sink my teeth into a cow starts kicking in.

One one of those days where, I'm not really hungry, this is an excellent quick fix.

A friend of mine, Benjamin Martin puts sake in his recipe.

So, I thought if  anyone wants to try cooking their own, I'd give a link to him.

Find his recipe at More Things Japanese.

It's time for me to inspect the bars over in Kin Town for typhoon damages !

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