Sunday, August 30, 2015

5 More Animated Images from Obon Festivities in Kin Town

Eisa dancers, drums, music

The young Eisa guys and gals performed at a senior citizens home.

pink kimonos, girls, dancing

Staying in the background, I used a zoom lens to avoid blocking anyone's view.

 There were times, people in their 80's would jump in and join the dancers.

Esso station, Eisa dancers

The Esso gasoline station is a good place for the Eisa dancers to get out of the hot sun.

gas station, Esso, Eisa dancers

It is conveniently located about a minute's walk from my office. 

night, Eisa, moon

 A wide angle lens was used to take this shot, while sitting on the curb.

The little yellow speck, in the image happens to be, the moon. 

The streets have become quiet again, at night and the ancestor's spirits are all gone.

Now, I can get my work done early and, be home before midnight.  Yeah !

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