Thursday, August 27, 2015

Food Photo: Octopus on Ice at Itoman Fish Market

common octopuses

Camera: Pentax K3

Lens: Pentax 18-250 at 58mm

Exposure: f/11   1/2sec   ISO 100

Location: Itoman City, Okinawa, Japan

Date and Time:  AUG 27, 2015  11:55AM

 Here's What We Learned About Octopuses Today


  • They are the smartest invertebrates you will ever find on the planet Earth.
  • They learn from observing other creatures of their family and repeating their actions.
  • They figure out how to solve problems and, can even unscrew a cap from a jar.
  • They have been observed using rocks and shells, as tools.
  • They build little forts around their homes, constructed from shells and stones gathered.
  • An octopus has three hearts. One pushes blood through the body.  The others, pump the 
  •  blood supply through the arms.
  • They can change their body shape to mimic other animals. They change colors, as well. 
    • They can lose an arm to escape capture and, it will grow back later. 


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