Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Few More Action GIF's of Okinawa Eisa Dancers

costumes,drums,dancers, festival, Namisato

Eisa a Lively Dance



Watching these youngsters perform is something, I'll never get tired of doing.

Where they get all the energy is something that beats me.

Eisa performance, dance, drums

Well over 1200 images were downloaded from my camera from this festival.

young men and women, dancing, Eisa

It's challenging work, trying to get photos of every dancer.

Nakagawa, Eisa team,dancers

 Those who give these performances, deserve, to see themselves published.

So, I post as many images here and, on Facebook, as possible.

Eisa, dancers, gif

Not wanting to use a flash, I knew the setting sun would slow my shutter speed down.

matsuri, Eisa festival, Kin Town

That meant, moving around the field quickly, to take advantage of the natural light.

Dimantes Band, nightfall

 After the sun went down, the band Diamantes was going to be playing.

That's when, it was time for the camera to get put away !

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