Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Relaxing Walk on a Secluded Beach Looking for Driftwood

3 Motion GIFs Composed Here



The mission was to hunt for some driftwood needed for an Okinawan Folktale.

It took me about two hours before, I realized, there was nobody out there but me.

driftwood, beach

With a typhoon passing recently, there was plenty of debris washed ashore.

I guess, any piece of wood, could qualify as driftwood.

Several samples were photographed but, it may take awhile longer to select the right image.

waves, beach, driftwood
 As long as, I was carrying a tripod, I figured a few animations could be composed.

rocks, beach, driftwood, waves

 There is something about the action of waves on the beach that's relaxing.

There was hardly any breeze and the only sound was water hitting the shoreline.

waves, surf, sand, hills

 After walking for three hours, I rounded the bend in the far left of this photo.

A young couple had discovered a road, leading to my secluded beach.

But, when they saw me coming with the camera, they drove off.  Hah !

The next time, I visit one of the stores in the big city, I might buy a hammock.

If, one were to be stashed in those woods, I could spend a whole day at this beach !


Kim said...

My wife and I were discussing our upcoming visit and talked of walks on empty beaches like this one in your story. Enjoyed the Gifs.

RyukyuMike said...

Kim, Glad to hear, you enjoyed the scenery. And, I hope we get to meet during your visit to the island.