Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here's My Secret Recipe For A Cold and Miserable, Cloudy Day (Photo)

The secret is this:  Look for the bright spot in a photo.

What were you expecting, me to give away some secret recipe of mine ?


The thought had crossed my mind.  And, I know there are lots of folks who go online looking for recipes.  I do it myself, sometimes and find some mouthwatering-looking stuff.

Guaranteed, if you type the words "Secret" and "Recipe" into a search engine, you'd find something like almost a frazillion recipes you never heard of before.

So, I was thinking about doing a series of my secret recipes, someday.

There's a few problems with that, though.

I never measure stuff.

I don't write anything down when I do it.

If I wanted to put tomatoes in the mix but, didn't have any

I substitute with anything red like, red peppers, a bottle of ketchup or anything else red I can find.

There's a habit I developed over the years of eating the food

and forgetting to take pictures of it.

The biggest problem of all would be, say if I posted my 1001 secret-ways-of-cooking-beans recipes


So, all I'm giving away for now is my secret recipe for a cold and miserable, cloudy day.

Then, I'm heading home to make my secret remedy-for-a-cold recipe.

It involves some chicken soup, a whole can of chicken (to make up for what they forgot to put in the soup), some garlic, onions, corn, celery, pepper, eggs, whole wheat bread and a pinch of alcohol.  Maybe, some potato chips, too.

Just in case you haven't already guessed, my first, wicked cold of the year has arrived.

Culinary Institute people snooping around here, GIT !

Goina make my chicken soup and go back to bed.

The bright spot in that photo will be here for me tomorrow.



Unknown said...

I actually like overcast days. That is, as long as it is not too cold out.

Ryan said...

Don't let that cold get the better of you Mike, yeah chicken soup and a nip or two of whisky should do the trick.

RyukyuMike said...

Glad someone enjoys the overcast days. Wish I could trade you for some sun.

Still nursing the cold with all the aforementioned. Was going to stay home today and not post. But, lucky me ! I spotted a tick crawling up my leg. Grabbed the Swiss Army Knife, pulled out the tweezers and caught him before he got to the old bellybutton. Then, torched him with my lighter. So, excited; I just had to come in, shoot a quick photo and post it.
What a lucky day !

Sherry said...

I actually love overcast days. I spend most of my adult life in it as I lived in Seattle. Its kind of refreshing. At least, I think. Smile, it'll make the day that much better.

RyukyuMike said...

Good on ya. Me, I'm convinced, my body is solar powered. A few days without sunshine and I'm miserable.

Alison said...

I hope your feeling better now!! And thanks for semi giving away a secret recipe.

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks, I'm much better but, not at 100%, yet. Maybe, tomorrow.