Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sakura (桜) and Red Flowers (花) in Okinawa (Photo Essay)

Day two of the Cherry Blossom (桜) search proved to be much better than yesterday's encounter with the pink and red flowers (花) the island of Okinawa is supposed to be showing-off this time of year.

 Here are a few photos of the Sakura spotted on Mt. Yadake this morning.  They are starting to bloom.

Every year, I like to take some close up shots, along with a few wide angle photos to show the scenery.  
But, there were only a few trees starting to blossom.  
Wait another week, or two would be my recommendation.  
Over 90% of the trees haven't even got the little red buds that produce the flowers, yet.

 Not one to let a good day of camera shooting go to waste, I left Mt. Yaedake and looked around the rest of the hills in Motobu and Nakajin.  That's where I came across these bright red flowers.

 Somebody will have to help me identify these characters because I have no clue what they might be named.  UPDATE: Red Powderpuff

Next, I found these Poinsettia Plants growing alongside the road.  There was nobody around to assist me so, I set the camera timer for 12 seconds and ran over to point up at one of the things.  That's just in case someone thought I was exaggerating about how humongous these plants get.  Huge !

It has been a long, busy day for me and I still have a few hundred photos left to process so, I'm going to hurry and post this for all those anxious to know how the Sakura are looking up north in Okinawa, Japan.  
The hills should burst out in bright pink and red colors, any day nowStandby...


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