Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome Chinese New Year with a Bang: That's My Plan

Today is New Year's Eve by the Chinese calendar.

So, when my camera shootin' buddies came by today my plan was to go find some fireworks to end the 
Year of the Rabbit and welcome the Year of the Dragon tonight at midnight.

Buy some party goodies and shoot a new photo of a dragon.

That was the plan.

It is a cold, wet, cloudy day in Okinawa.  All I wanted to do was buy some stuff and shoot something like, a gold dragon bottle of sake.  These are things that could be done indoors.

Don't ask me how this stuff happens.

We got sidetracked, somehow and found Cherry Blossoms way up in the mountains.

And, we found another WATERFALL !

This one is at a not to be identified location.  It will be a closely guarded secret.

That's mostly because I don't know the name of the place or where we were at the time.

Map It Okinawa Dude with the GPS and Google Map know-how will have all that information for you, shortly. 
See, it was his bright idea to show us this waterfall and I'm glad that he did.

Here I am wearing a contraption around my waist and popping pain pills from the last time I fell down a waterfall (SEE CHERRY BLOSSOMS AND WATERFALLS IN OKINAWA).

Crynoutloud, I didn't need to be climbing a waterfall with my camera.

But, this one was a real beauty.  So, I did.

Only this time I was careful not to slip and fall.  Got me some great shots to show you.  Later.

RyukyuRusty and Ryukyu Ryu, those guys went all the way to the top.  Not me baby.

Somebody had to slip and fall on their fanny.  It wasn't gonna be me.

One of them young guys did it this time.

And, I'm glad that he did !

PS:  As an afterthought, we found some noisemakers (gentle fireworks) to pop at our party tonight.

According to the plan, we'll welcome the Chinese Year of the Dragon with a BANG !




Ryan said...

It's all very well celebrating the Chinese new year but I can't get a decent curry and egg fried rice anywhere. Every January my favourite Chinese restaurants all close and they all bugger off to party in China. Think about your customers!!!

RyukyuMike said...

Let me check into that for you. Curry and egg fried rice ? Yuk. That doesn't sound like a Chinese recipe, to me !

Sumitran said...

Mike, Okinawa certainly seems to be a very scenic and beautiful place ! Aren’t you lucky to be living in the garden of earthly Eden !
Forget about the Dragon, your pictures of the Cherry Blossoms in bloom and the Waterfalls look oh so breathtaking. The Waterfalls particularly !
Tell me, do the Japanese also celebrate the Chinese New Year ?!? Weird :-) ! LOL !

Map It! Okinawa said...

Proud to say I was there.

Great times with great people!

Ryukyu Ryu

RyukyuMike said...

Ryukyu Ryu,
Not a bad crowd, if ya can keep them from pushing each other off cliffs !

RyukyuMike said...

Most folks over here only celebrate the Gregorian Calendar New Year. I do both !