Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday's Silly Sign (Photo) JAN 8, 2012 Don't Put Property

Please don't put your property.

This Sunday's Silly Sign was discovered at a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But, I'll never tell which one it was because that'd be downright mean.

My silly sign sightings have been running a little low, lately.

Maybe, I should get out more often and widen my travel circles to some uncharted areas.

It'll take four or five more signs to have completed a whole year of Sunday's Silly Signs and I'll do my best to getterdun but, there's the possibility it may not happen.

This silly sign was on top of a glass display case.  Most of us could probably figure out what they were trying to say.  Like if somebody decided to drop their bowling ball on the thing, it could break. 

So, I reckon it's a good thing they warned me.

However, they have a gal in the ticket booth that takes your money before you're allowed in the place. 
Why don't they just train her to check people for bowling balls before they get their tickets ?

 That'd make more sense to me.


Alison said...

Haha yeah I think it would be easy to spot a bowling ball!

RyukyuMike said...

Spotting them is one thing. But, getting people to stop bringing them in is another. LOL