Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Then and Now (Photos) Todoroki Waterfall (轟の滝) Okinawa

This photo of Todoroki Waterfall (轟の滝) in Nago Okinawa, Japan was taken sometime around 1966 or 67 by a photographer I recently became acquainted with through the miracle we call the Worldwide Web.

If you like good old fashioned film photography, as much as I do, you'll be able to enjoy hours upon hours seeing what Okinawa looked like back in the years 1945 through 1972 on his website.

Donn, has given his consent to allow me the use of his photos for a project I've been wanting to do for a very long time.

It will be a series of Then and Now Photos  taken on the island of Okinawa, Japan.

Here is a an example of what I plan on doing.

My usual large horizontal photos are coming, soon.  Standby.....

This photo was taken October 23, 2011.

That would be some 45 years later.

Over the years, naturally, erosion has occurred.

The Kanji character ( 勇) for Brave or
Courageous has disappeared from the large boulder at the base of the falls.

Vegetation changes with the seasons and typhoons may move some trees around.

Moss grows on the boulders and stones.

But one thing never changes.

Todoroki (轟)means "roar".

Todoroki Waterfall (轟の滝) is still roaring, today.


Please share this informative, historical site with anyone you know who has spent time on Okinawa, lives here now, or is preparing to visit

They will better understand why Okinawa and it's people should be considered treasures.

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