Monday, January 23, 2012

Sinking the Tsushima Maru (対馬丸) A Sad Day in History 1944

This is a short photo essay from the shortest museum visit I've ever made.

The Tsushima Maru (対馬丸) Museum is located in Naha City Okinawa, Japan.

The walls are lined with black and white photos of Okinawan school children.

They were being evacuated from the island on a passenger-cargo ship because the Japanese expected an American assault on the Ryukyu Islands in the near future.

The 826 children were probably asleep in their bunks

when the Tsushima Maru (対馬丸) went down in flames.  It was August 22, 1944.

As I took this photo, depicting a survivor on a raft, an elderly woman behind me was crying.

Only 59 students from that ship survived.

She may have been one of them.

I left the museum.


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