Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue Moon Photo 2012: The Second Full Moon of August

After a couple of days and nights chasing the so-called Blue Moon, here's what we got.

This photo was taken in Kin Village Okinawa, Japan.

The science community might want to argue about this one with me.

As I was walking home after a day of hard work and bar-hopping, it peeked through the clouds.

'twas the night of August 31st when I cracked my first beer.

So, this photo was in my Aug 31, 2012 photo folder.

But, the camera says it was 3:03AM on the 1st of September when the shot was taken.

That's Japan Standard Time because (ahem-ahum) that's where I live.

One of my astronomy buddies will have to tell us if this qualifies as the blue moon.

It sure don't look blue, to me.

There's too many definitions of a blue moon running around on the internet, if you ask me.

So, you can go see what they had to say, if you're interested.

If I'd have really thought I saw the moon turn blue that night here's what I'd have done:

Toss the camera in the house and run back to the bar for a few more beers !

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