Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unusual Boat Photos From Ou-Jima Okinawa, Japan

Today the 3d Nanjo Mayor's Cup Sabani Race was held on Ou-Jima.

It is a small island off Okinawa's southeast coast, accessible by bridge.

What's unusual about these boats ?

They don't have any motors.  People and wind power is what gets them going.

The sails were made in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

It's going to take some research to learn the history behind these boats.

They look like something that came out of China, to me but, I'm not sure, yet.

The only thing I'm sure of is this:

I'd like to have one. When I want to go to another island, I wouldn't take the ferry.

When the wind is blowing, you can move really fast.

If there isn't any wind, you just have to paddle like crazy.

Er, maybe. just stay where yer at until the wind starts up, again.

That'd be alright by me !

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