Sunday, September 16, 2012

After Typhoon Sanba: A Quickie Photo Essay

All is well on Okinawa, at least where we checked today.

The RyukyuMike house is still standing and has electricity.

The office was a different story. Power went out for awhile today.

So, I grabbed a camera and checked out the northern end of the island with Map It Okinawa.

With power outages passing through Kin Village we didn't have to stop for any red lights.  Hah !

So, we drove, very carefully to see the Kanna Dam in Ginoza.

The dam was full to the brim with good old country water.

Out on the back roads there were a few trees knocked down.

We ventured over to the other side of the island on HWY 58 going to Nago.

They still had some stormy seas from the typhoon's tailwinds.

Up around Ogimi Village we had to take a detour because of a landslide.

No photos of that.  A dedicated Japanese Policeman made sure we didn't get close.

Somehow, our journey took us to the Taiho Dam so, here's what it looked like.

Plenty of drinking water is available, a few fallen trees, some minor landslides is what we saw.

Now, I have to get the heck out of here because I'm two days late for the wife's birthday party !

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