Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Travel Photo: A Fisherman in Nakijin Okinawa, Japan

Meet Shokitan Motoo, a fisherman, spotted today on a beach in Nakijin.

Way off on the horizon is Izena-Jima, the next stop in our island-hopping campaign.

A typhoon is coming to visit us this weekend so, the boat trip is cancelled.

Just being out on a sunny afternoon, watching Shokitan cast his net was good enough for me.

It wasn't a good day for fishing.  The net came back empty.

Shokitan came up on the coral rocks where I was composing photos.

We joked and laughed.

He's going home with no fish and I'm not getting to go to another island.

In Okinawa, people don't worry about petty things.

Everything will come together, someday.  So, don't worry.  No need to get angry.

We joked around and laughed some more. Shokitan has a free photo coming to him. 

It turned out to be a great day.


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