Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scenes From A Junior High Undokai

Today was Undokai Day in Kin Village

An Undokai is what you might call Sports Day.

The Junior High athletic field was where I spent the day.

Here are some photos to give you an idea what you might see at one of these events.

Undokai isn't just for students.  Adults participate, too.

If you were a mama or papa you could be in a relay race.

Do stuff like Izzy-dizzy.

And have a hard time running after you took a spin.

Young athletes are the most fun to watch.

Little kids are camera shy, sometimes.

What I try to do is sneak up on them and do something to make them smile.

Like, stick my tongue out at them.

This rascal, did it back to me !

The Pom-Pom girls let you take their picture as long as peace signs are OK.

There was even a sign that said "Yes We Kin Final".

There are over 500 more photos of the Kin Village Undokai on my back burner.

Hopefully, they'll be developed by October 10th.

That's the official Sports Day, all over Japan.

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