Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sata Andagi (サーターアンダーギー) Doughnuts

In Okinawa The Donuts Have No Holes

No kidding. The photo above is an Okinawan doughnut.

And, I wasn't kidding about the checklist yesterday, either. We have proof.  I'm busy.

A lady on another island gave me that doughnut.

Nobody needs to see the mess my office is in.  So, I used the checklist as a backdrop.

Some Quick Research Provided Us With A Recipe


If you don't have the time or money to visit, you can make your own Okinawan doughnuts.

A chef called Jessica K got the recipe and put it on Food Dot Com !

Not Really Wild About Doughnuts


Maybe that's the reason they wouldn't hire me as a New York State Trooper.

Those doughnuts with holes in them aren't exactly health food, you know.

New York cops ain't the only ones eating them, either.

Somebody should tell them.

Eat veges and live longer.

Doughnuts With No Holes May Be Better For You

Probably, we should call Myth Busters on this one.

That doughnut in the photo, I ate it.  It didn't taste bad.

 So, I ate the whole thing.

But, it left a big grease spot on my checklist.

Now, I have to start all over again.

The Thing Feels Like A Brick In My Stomach

That's exactly what doughnuts with holes in them do to me.

So, I wouldn't want to be a policeman, anywhere in the world if I had to eat doughnuts.

They Should Use Doughnuts To Break Up Riots.


Now, that's where these hole-less doughnuts could really come in handy.

Ask anybody.  You can throw a baseball a lot farther than a Frisbee.

It'd be fun being a policeman if they gave you doughnuts to throw at guilty people. 

Sign me up.  Hah !

Now, I wonder what Chinese cops eat on their breaks.


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