Saturday, September 15, 2012

Typhoon Sanba Could Make It A Wet Weekend

That's just my prediction.  You couldn't pay me to be a weatherman in Okinawa.

Typhoons have a way of becoming unpredictable.

When one of those Storm Tracker guys says it's gonna be a real doozie, he's only trying to help.

If we don't get hit by 100mph winds the poor guy gets all kinds of complaints.

Weathermen can't control nature.  They just try to predict as best they can.

Surfers like the weatherman.  He lets them know about the sea conditions the typhoon creates.

They say stuff like, "Dude, thanks for letting us know, surf's up !"

Well, I ain't sure how bad the winds will be blowing when Typhoon Sanba gets here.

But, just to play it safe, I'm unplugging all my gadgets and locking the place up.

It doesn't look too bad outside, right now.

Slight sprinkles of rain and the birds are still flying around outside my window.

 Typhoons almost always dump plenty of rain on us so, I plan on getting wet.

If the destructive winds follow the weatherman's predictions, the bars may not open tonight. 

Then, I'll just have to do like that dog in the photo above.


Some links you can follow to keep up on what the typhoon is doing are:


Unknown said...

Stay safe Mike! It's supposed to hit Korea on Monday.

Cathy Sweeney said...

Hope the weather doesn't get too rough there and that the bars stay open. That dog looks a little cranky about it all, I think.

RyukyuMike said...

LadyE and Cathy,
All is well. A power outage this morning but, after exploring the island for typhoon damage, I'm back in the office and online.
LadyE, stay safe !