Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tree Photos: Papaya the Tree That's Good for Your Health

Today I'm just posting a few photos of papaya trees to give you an example of the size.

The tree in the photo above is too tall for me to pick the fruits without using a ladder.

My first papaya tree must have been ten meters (30ft) tall when it had fruits ready to pick.

Then, along came a typhoon.  And snapped the tree right in half.

So, I decided, to keep myself healthy, I'd quit planting papaya.

 Nowadays they've come up with papaya trees that are a lot shorter.

Hah.  I'd be breaking my back bending over to pick them !

Matsudasan, the farmer in the background, was real nice to me.

He gave me a papaya to take home and wouldn't let me pay for it.

Instead of me trying to give a lecture on the health benefits of papaya, read this:

Do you know traditional medicine could probably put big drug companies out of business ?

That's what I'd be worried about if I was one of them.

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