Monday, September 24, 2012

Energy Conservation Photo of the Week

There's a little confession I have to make.

When I'm out with a camera shooting something like this, I don't always see the background.

 Peeking through a little hole in the back of the camera, I'm concentrating on the boat.

It's moving fast and the sail is flapping in the breeze.

I'm concerned about shadows, light and the glare coming off of wet oars.

Focus is on the sabani, people rowing and the sail, nothing else.

The camera is being panned, to compose a photo with the subject moving.

The orange-tiled roof on the buildings, I was aware of, and some blue sky.

But, I'll be danged if I knew there were solar panels in the picture.

When I developed the photos I noticed them.

We have wind and solar power in the picture, along with some people power.

So, I'm calling this my Energy Conservation Photo of the Week !

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