Wednesday, November 6, 2013

10 Photos of the Grey Heron with Wings Spread

Grey Heron in flight

These photos were taken today at Tomigusuku, Okinawa, Japan.

flight of Grey Heron

The bird's scientific name is Ardea cinera.

Grey Heron flying

Local terminology would be Ao Sagi.

Grey Heron in flight

The folks at ARKive say this is the biggest heron in Europe.

Grey Heron wings spread

If there is a larger heron in Asia, I've never seen one.

Grey Heron in flight

If you see a more enormous bird just let me know where it's located.

bird, Grey Heron in flight

Send lots of cash for my travel expenses and, I'll go shoot one for you.

Grey Heron, bird, flying

The Grey Heron can sit in one spot for hours and never move.

flight of Grey Heron

Once they spread those wings and fly, you get an awesome display of feathers.

bird, Grey Heron, flying, Okinawa

Photos made at f/8  1/5000  ISO 400 using the Pentax K3 and a Sigma 50-500 at 360mm.

The camera was handheld and panned because my tripod was busy doing something else.

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