Friday, November 8, 2013

Lessons Learned from a Lizard

lizard on office floor

Little Godzilla Came in the Office


This character was out in the alley yesterday morning.

There's no smoking allowed in my office.  It's sort of a self-imposed restriction.

Every time I went out back for a nicotine break, I'd see the lizard.

But, whenever I grabbed a camera, he'd disappear.

A little past noon, the critter just walked in the door and started checking the place out.

side view of lizard

So, I grabbed a camera and flash.

Crawling around on the concrete floor, I started catching shots from a few angles.

People think I'm crazy when I talk to reptiles and birds but, it works, for me.

It's better than talking to yourself.  That's what crazies do.

lizard blinking eye

The lizard had to be told, "Quit blinking when I'm taking your picture."

The little guy and I, got along just fine.

I figured, he could stay, as long as he was trainable.

Like I wouldn't mind him eating mosquitoes but, didn't want him crapping all over the floor.

editing lizard photo

That's the reptile, on the right corner of my laptop.

He watched, as I developed his pictures.

A bug eating friend, living in my office.  How cool is that ?

But Things Took a Turn for the Worse

Coming back from a visit to the bathroom, I noticed.

The poor guy was dead.

The main suspect:

yellow flip flop and dead lizard



What Did We Learn ?

  • This office could use a good cleaning lady
  • It wouldn't hurt to wash those flip-flops
  • All good things must come to an end
  • People shouldn't walk on their friends
  • Wrapping a dead lizard in a napkin, conceals it from the garbage man 


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