Friday, November 8, 2013

Photos from Kin Town Live Matsuri Number Two

It May Be Catching On !




This was the second time this year for a Live Band Festival in my hometown.

Last night I hit the bars with my camera and wife.

She got lost somewhere along the way but, my camera made it back alright.

girl entertainer singing and playing a sanshin

Somebody with a video camera should accompany me on these events.

street scene of entertainment district at night

That way, you could see and hear everything that goes on.

an Okinawan comedian

Like, this one act was an Okinawan comedian and she could make anyone laugh.

It doesn't matter if you can't speak the language.

She'll grab you and make you dance, like she did me.

 And, that gets everybody laughing.

female singer

There's no drinking, for me, when I'm shooting but, folks kept buying me beer.

popular male singer with guitar

The way it works, is, you can go around bar-hopping and find your favorite band.

Or, wait in one place, for the acts to come to you.

Classic Okinawa music on stage

So, I tried them all but liked this place; it was the best for photography.

female singer

Plus, they let me store the beer bottles everyone was giving me.

That way, when I was done shooting, my refreshments would still be cold.

popular folk band

After putting the camera away, I had a few.  Then, joined this band.

It's probably best, if a video camera doesn't follow me around.

This Live Festival Rocked the Town

It seemed like everybody, (including elected officials) was there having fun.

It took place in the Ushina district of Kin Town.

But, when it ended, plenty of us walked downtown, to continue the party.

People who couldn't walk, took taxi cabs.

About an hour after I had my camera put to sleep, I caught up with the wife.

Bet your bottom dollar.  She took a cab !

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