Monday, November 25, 2013

Plant Photo: Heck Let's Just Call Them Ghostberries !

white berries on green plant


A Little Rant About This Plant




For everyone's entertainment, I spend hours keeping myself gainfully unemployed.

Going on twelve hours, now, I've been busy getting tonight's blog post ready.

From page 155 of  ISBN978-4-408-32351-0, I have an identification.

They have a photo of the same plant, I shot outside the Wooden Toy Museum.

That's the Yambaru Field Guide, all in Japanese.

Not a problem, シラヌマカズラ, translates to Shiranumakazura, I can read that part.

Somebody Needs to Tell the Search Engines



No matter where you type the words, English or, Japanese, nothing shows up.

Even the Wikipedia folks USA and Japan, kept giving me nothing.

Then Along Came This Bright Idea


What do you call a white berry ?

Type that in the #1 search engine in the world, and BINGO !

Along came Wikipedia, which some folks don't like, and good old Britannica.

Now, I know we have some sort of Snowberry or, Ghostberry here.

They are also known as Waxberry, of the Symphoricarpos family.

The Research Will Continue


For now, we'll just call them Ghostberries.

It doesn't snow, in Okinawa but, we have a few ghosts. I just haven't captured one, yet.

Patience, we're working on it !


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