Saturday, November 30, 2013

Groan: That Snail Could Have Helped Me Become a Millionaire !

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Doing an unsolicited photo documentary about a banana leaf is what started this.

Every day, I take photos of the banana tree behind my office.

snail on banana leaf in rain

You never know when someone might want things like this for a scientific study.

Only one leaf is growing back, since that typhoon demolished the tree.

And, I spotted this snail probably, trying to kill it.

snail on banana leaf

The little murderer didn't want to face my camera.

snail on banana leaf in rain

It must have been half an hour, I chased it around in the rain.

snail on banana leaf

That's the best shot my shivering, wet bones could catch for you.

The truth is, I really don't like those slimy critters.

banana leaf in rain

Not wanting to kill the thing, I chucked over the fence, into a neighbor's yard.

"Bon Voyage" was what I said and got the heck out of the rain.

Now, I'm hoping the little critter had a safe landing.

Only because I just learned something about snails, today.

The University of Iowa is getting a million dollars for a project.

What for ?

To Study the Sex Habits of Mud Snails

Now, I want my snail back. A government grant would be nice, too.

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