Sunday, December 1, 2013

December: A Few More Festivals and a Few More Teeth Left to Go

 Kin Town's Nuchigusui Festival

It was like a County Fair and the crowds enjoyed the warm weather.
Nuchigusui, is an Okinawan term for what you might call, life's elixir.
It also could mean, very healthy and tasty food or, drink.
tuna fish ready to be sliced
The attraction, I usually like to see, is the butchering of a fresh tuna.
People visiting, get to eat the stuff, free.
crowd of festival goers being served tuna sashimi
This year, I missed the action with the tuna and kept myself back in the shadows.
I've got to pace myself, this week because I'll be doing more matsuri things.
Somehow, we're having festivals Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
health festival booths set uo in shade
Health foods, drinks, flowers and everything else, that's good for you were in the shade.
That was a great idea, using the parking area under a building.
It was unseasonably warm in Okinawa today.
poinsettia plants
Right after I took this poinsettia photo, I decided to get something to eat.
But, I'm not a real big fan of health food.
Off I went, to get something else. You don't need to know what.
I was halfway through eating my unhealthy food and, that's when it happened.
broken dentures
Something in my lunch went CRUNCH and I spit it out.
Now there's no front teeth at the bottom of my mouth !
arts and crafts, dolls on display
So, after I gummed the rest of the meal down I went inside.
All sorts of arts and crafts were on display.
arts and crafts
Did you ever notice ?
When you really don't want to be seen by anybody, everybody you know comes along.
arts and crafts, drawings
Politicians, VIPs, business owners and kids who thought I was Santa, all wanted to chat.
Well, I just kept my face pressed against the view finder and pretended I was busy.
And, waved people off, like an old grouch.
drawings and artworks
Hopefully, I didn't hurt any little one's feelings. Politicians, phooey.
There are only seven teeth left in my mouth and none of them hook-up to anything.
So, for now, I can't chew.
It would be a good idea, to visit a dentist.
Pentax camera and broken dentures
Teeth will have to wait. The cameras and I, are busy until Wednesday !

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