Saturday, December 7, 2013

Confession -- Today I Really Feel Like I'm in the Crap-House !


Speaking of Crap-Houses


This photo was taken near the trail leading up Mt. Yonaha in Okinawa, Japan.

The wires up on the left side of the frame go to a huge solar panel.

What you are looking at is the latest version of outhouse technology, an Eco-Toilet !

Lots more research will be done on this, before I can give you my expert opinion.

So far, all I have, is this Amazing Japanese Toilet video for your viewing pleasure.

It's a Different Sort of Crap-House I'm Using for My Confession.



The term "Feeling like I'm in the crap-house" is just an idiom.

It means: I've got myself in a bad situation.

An alert reader, noticed a big blooper, on my blog, from yesterday.

There: I confessed. 

Now, what the heck am I going to do ?

Emergency Email Conference


Here, I'll place some snippets from emails between Alert Reader and myself.

Just in case you ever discover that something you published doesn't meet the gold standard.

The conversation went something like this:


 Oops !  That wasn't Motobu. Groan. But it's in Google and all over the internet. Groan, again.

So, here's my options:

1. Go back and re-edit


2. Do another post and say, "Sometimes old people get Towns confused but, at least I named the correct island."

3. Don't worry. Forget about it.

What's your advice ?

Alert Reader:

I just say do another post poking fun at yourself. People know you by now... They'll understand. It will be a better come back than a re-edit


How to Get out of This Crap-House



Doing that blog, last night, in a hurry, when I was extremely tired, is what started this mess.

So, I wasn't going to rush my decision, on how to correct it.

Some great advice was discovered at AIP Publishing.

This post will serve as my Retraction Notice.

To maintain the gold standard for corrections, I will link this to yesterday's blog.

Once, both blog posts are linked:

It Won't Feel Like I'm in the Crap-House Anymore !

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