Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ten Photos of an Okinawan Castle Ruins We Visited Today

 How Can You Miss It ?


Fairly simple, I'd have to say. Thousands of times I've been by this place.

So, I asked Doc Graff, "How come we never spotted this one before?"

"Probably, because they don't have any beer or, women up there," was his answer.

 Feast Your Eyes on Agena Castle Ruins

trail leading to Agena Castle Ruins

We decided to check it out, anyway.

stone stairs leading through forest to a castle atop a hill

There I was, hauling three cameras and, climbing those rugged, rock stairs.

a bench along trail leading to top of a hill towards a castle

When Doc, disappeared, ahead of me, it was time for some wide-angle shots.

rugged trail with stone stairs

The terrain, I would have to admit, is not-flip-flop-friendly.

Believe it or not, I was wearing socks with my flip-flops and my winter parka.

It's been pretty cold, in the mornings, around here.

stone lined path to castle

After a little rest, I unpacked a different camera and went back down hill a bit.

And, the sun decided to come out !

So, I huffed and puffed and went back to rest on the bench, again.

archway of stone at entrance to castle

Then,  it was on we go, all the way to the top.

stone entranceway to castle

Once you go through this tunnel-looking thing, you'll know, you are in a castle.

view of a bull fighting ring below castle

From the top of the castle ruins, you can see for miles around.

scene from top of castle walls

That's a bull fighting ring, below the castle walls.

Doc was right.  There were no beers or, women way up there.

By this time I had sore legs, almost busted flip-flops and a sweaty parka.

So, said, "Let's get outta here."

view of trail leading down from castle

Going back down the stairs, I saw Doc trying to shoot me.

So, I shot him to give everyone a sense of scale.


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