Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kijimuna with a Bug on His Throat Reminded Me

Kijimuna statue with praying mantis insect on throat

One of those almost productive days happened, today at the office.

Don't ask why but, I decided to clean this place, really good.

The trash, I've been accumulating, got trashed.

Floors were swept thoroughly by moving all the furniture around.

I grabbed a bucket, swab and big jug of vinegar to sterilize the floors.

Then the Sun Decided to Come Out


  So, I stripped down to my t-shirt and sat down in the sunshine, smoking cigarettes.


Dang, that sun felt good !

It takes a long time for that vinegar smell to fade and, the floors to dry.

So, I went for a walk.

Then the Sun Disappeared


Well, most of the puddles from my most mopping job were dry.

And, the stench of the vinegar was fading.

So, I figured it was time to go to work and do a photo essay.

Some of the agencies, I deal with are government people.  Groan.

They give me headaches.

How come I have to: PROVE YOU ARE A HUMAN ?

What do they think my dogs are the ones doing all this work ?

Unfortunately, I never attended Captcha Code College.  Not to my knowledge, anyway.

So, I'm always screwing-up their codes.

Lots of those government folks give you the chance, to listen to the code.

But, that only works if you can hear.

After a few hours of guessing codes and passwords and proving I'm human, I gotterdun.

I hope.


Nearly 60% of the Audience Here Comes from Japan



The little praying mantis up there reminded me of something, I forget, sometimes.

Whenever you use slang, it should be explained to those who use English as a second language.

Well, after a day like today, it's time for me to bug out of here.

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