Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Bird Mrs. RyukyuMike Calls Alien (Photo)

Things got pretty hectic around here this week.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I was out shooting festivals.

Yesterday, we were all over the island, getting wildlife photos, Mostly birds is what I shot.

Last night, there was a get together with some sabani people.

We had a blast, drinking and singing in one of my favorite establishments.

When the better half woke up she asked me what time I got home.

Heck if I know.  When you come home exhausted, who looks at clocks ?

Not me.  I just crash.

Then she asks if I remembered to take my medicines. Yup, I always do.

The third question:  Where did you go with the cameras, yesterday ?

Rather than try and explain where I went and each bird I shot, I came up with an easy answer.

We went to the Kin Town marshlands and shot aliens.

She understands that. Because she calls these birds Aliens.

Blackwinged Stilts or, Himantopus himantopus are tongue twisters.

Learn More About these Aliens at ARKive

Do you and your sweetheart have any nicknames that make your life easier ?

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