Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bird of the Day: Meet the Osprey (Image)

In Japan, this bird is called, Taka, which also translates as, Hawk.

And, in English, some folks call it a Sea Hawk.

The Latin name is Pandion haliaetus.

To me, it is an Osprey but, I try not to use that word around my Okinawan friends.

They get Ospreys confused with some flying machines the military uses to protect them.

The other night, in a barroom discussion, I discovered something.

Most of my English-speaking friends, in Okinawa, never heard of a bird called an Osprey.

So, I decided to post this photo and, a link all about the bird.

And, I will start calling my favorite birds Ospreys, again.

Sea Hawks, they are a ball team, back in Seattle, or somewhere.


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