Sunday, December 22, 2013

Published: Okinawa's Sabani Sailing People -- Photo Essay

man waving red flag to start sabani race


Before Taking the Shot


The man with the red flag appeared to be a very important person.

What I like to do, is ask, before I take any photos.

Things can get pretty hectic, during an event like this and there wasn't any time for chatting.

Once he gave me the Thumbs Up, I was good to go. 

Crawling down the seawall was the only way to get this composition.

I wanted to separate him from the surrounding crowd.

Standing, directly to his right, were two other gentlemen, helping start the sabani race.

One blows a conch shell, the other beats a gong.

There may have been another, firing a starting gun. I wouldn't notice; I too was busy.

Weeks Later I Found a Name



The man with the red flag is, Ken Uehara.

He is the President of the Itoman Uminchu Art and Craft Center.

And, he is the Commissioner of  NPO  Hamasuki and Chairman of the Itoman Sailing Club.



One of these days, I'll be going to see if I can interview that man and visit his museum.

First, I want to finish this class I found, on sailing.

They give you free college classes at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Reading about sailing is alright.

It would be a lot smarter to get your feet and paddle wet before calling yourself a sailor.

Dontcha think ?

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