Thursday, December 19, 2013

Danged If I Ain't Trazzeled About This !

Maybe Somebody Needs a Secretary


It's bad enough a man has to dust this place and scrub the dirt of the floor by himself.

Now, my redneck is in a pickle, trying to find photos for an article.

Well, I have several thousand of them, all over the place.

youngsters in costume dance Eisa and beat drums, while chanting

Like these Eisa Dancers on Kokusai Street.

That's a photo I gave to a place named, Trazzler, back in 2009.

 It seems like, Trazzler, changed their name to Open Places.

And, the editors, over there, featured four of my photos.

So What's There to Be All Trazzeled About ?



The article, I'm trying to put together has some strict requirements.

They want photos that are unpublished and unpublicized.

Now, I'm running all around the internet, looking at which photos were published.

So, I can eliminate them from the possibility of being submitted.

Maybe, I should ask them to give me a secretary, to help me out.

Or, at least, they could give me somebody to help clean up the mess, I make around here !


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