Sunday, December 22, 2013

Zuckerberganator Dudes and Dudettes -- I Ain't Buyin' It !

Little Message from Facebook





Mike's Ryukyu Gallery's post "Will meet with..." is performing better than 90% of other posts on that page.
Promote it to get even better results.

Screenshot of Facebook message

So, I take some screenshots and see what's going on.

Will meet with him, when I'm a little... 65

Couldn't wait 'til Xmas so, I'm wear...104

That'd be alright by me. A Pink Chr...98

These folks got me trazzeled: http...143

Time to bug out of the office: http...56

Something Just Doesn't Add Up Correctly There

screenshot as Facebook tries to boost a post for a price

Maybe, a few of my redneck cronies fall for the gimmick.

For anywhere from a dollar, to $30 a day y'all can give me a boost ?

I ain't buyin' it.

End of rant.

PS  It would be nice if somebody could get those red bubbles, to quit moving around, too.

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