Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweetheart Photo of the Month

An elderly Okinawan woman working at a festival

The month is only half way over but, nobody's going to top this lady.

I just got back from a weekend, shooting hundreds of photos in northern Okinawa.

Some high-powered ceremonies brought me and the cameras there.

Finding cultural and historical treasures to photograph is fun.

And, I know plenty of people come here to see what new discoveries I have made.

Nothing I did all weekend was as exciting as meeting this gal.

The rest of the stuff can just wait.

Meet, Chiyoko Aragaki.

She's the mother of seven children and grandmother of thirteen.

And, she is a great grandmother of two.

She has to be the most energetic and happy person, I've met, in all my years, traveling this island.

It isn't polite, to give a lady's age away.  So, I won't.

But, I can tell you, she has seen more birthdays than the number 76.

And, she can still make the wheels spin on a motorbike.

What more could a man want, in a woman ?

The smiles she gives everyone, are heart warming and sincere.

They brightened up a day that turned out to be wet and windy and, that's not all.

Soon, I'll have to go back and deliver something to her.

Chiyoko Aragaki, signed a model release for me.

So, I owe her a printed photo. And, I want more of that contagious smile !

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