Monday, December 2, 2013

Selected Scenes from Christmas Live Festival in Kin Town

Here's How to Throw a Holiday Party


Pitch some tents downtown

Line up some terrific bands

Invite everybody

Serve refreshments

There was a United States Marine Corps Band playing holiday tunes.

Santa and his helpers passing out goodies and hugs.

When I got cold, I hung around the fire, where it was warmer.

Local talent played my favorite music -- Okinawan Mineo.

This gal knows my name but, I keep forgetting hers. Maybe, I should read the model release.

Anyway, those Orion Beer lanterns distracted me.

This guy, Junbo, from the popular band, Zukan got the crowd all stirred-up.

So, when I finished shooting him, I packed the camera away and found me a beer.

The Kin Town Christmas Live Festival is going tonight, too.

To be continued.....

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