Monday, December 16, 2013

One of These Nasturtium Flowers Ain't Like the Rest

Nasturtium flowers and leaves

Here's a plant, I'm familiar with. The Nose Tweaking Flowers.

 But, this was the first time, I spotted one of those yellow flowers on Okinawa.

yellow Nasturtium flower

All the other photographers must have thought I was crazy, sitting down on the highway.

We were waiting for a royal procession to show up.

Whenever I see something like this, I forget what I was supposed to be doing there.

The tripod mounted camera was pointed in the right direction, ready to go.

So, I sat down, pulled another camera out and, shot these photos, handheld.

This One Has Me Stumped

There are  probably 80 different flowers in the Nasturtium species.

Checking all my usual sources (online) hasn't been much help for getting an identification.

It could be a Tropaeolum majus "Vanilla Berry."

Or, maybe any of the 30 images seen at Dave's Garden.

Trying to find a positive ID, started to become a royal pain and, that gave me an idea.

Over to the Royal Horticultural Society, I went.

They weren't much help, either.

Do you know what that flower might be ?

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