Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking Back at 2013: Monthly Memories in Photos

Picking Out These Images Was Fun




A year sure does fly by in a hurry.

Going through the monthly files of undeveloped shots was a good idea.

It reminded me of all the places we've been.

And, assured me, I'll never run out of things to do if all my cameras just disappear, someday.


pair of Grey Herons

Grey Herons in Tomigusuku



cosmos flowers in bloom

Cosmos in Kin Town



purple iris close up

Iris in Ogimi



t-shirt of woman at pool bar

No model release required


city and ocean scene from hill in Itoman City

Itoman Port from above



young men in traditional clothing pose at house of a priestess

At the Home of a Noro in Itoman


sailing sabani boat and crew at sea

Sabani sailing in Ginoza


woman sings and plays drum in  okinawa

Live House Festival in Kin Town



dancing lion dog on stage at full moon festival, harvest moon

Full Moon Festival in Kin Town


Grey Heron flying

Grey Heron in flight over Yomitan


white flowers and blue berries

Unidentified blue berries on Mt. Yonaha



priestesses in white making offerings in Okinawa jungle

Observing a ritual in Hedo

The thought had occurred to me, someone could make a calendar out of a year's worth of photos.

Calendar making just isn't one of my acquired skills.

Ain't that a shame ?

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