Monday, November 18, 2013

Fine Dining in Okinawa, Japan for Under Five Bucks


Unbeatable Viking Bento





Where this gourmet meal came from will remain a secret, awhile longer.

Half was consumed for lunch. Part II will be my evening meal.

tray of hot food served in takeout, bento

There's a chance, I'd be causing a stampede, if the location was suddenly revealed.

self service buffet

Working class people come here and, they know where to get the best meals.

trays of buffet servings

Bento, is Japanese for a takeout, sort of boxed lunch.

 In Japan, Viking Style dining, is what Westerners would call, a buffet.

Viking -- was borrowed from Western lingo.

 Probably, because Vikings just came in and grabbed whatever they wanted.

cooked vegetables in food warmers on display

So, that's what you do here. Only, you have to pay 400 yen.

wide angle view of food warming trays

The cost of the ingredients, alone, would be more than double, a few hundred yen.

And, it would cost you even more, to go home and cook them.

So, I got my office nearby and, hardly ever go home.

Somebody else, does the cooking.  And, it's delicious.

Looking at these photos made me hungry, again.

So, excuse me while I go for Round II.

NOTE: There is no "V" in the Japanese language.

If you are a foreigner trying to find a Viking Bento shop, near you, do this:

Say, "Biking Bento" and you may have some luck !

A TripAdvisor Review is forthcoming on this establishment, soon.

That way, someone else can cause the stampede.

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