Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 Photos of a Bird Called Vanellus vanellus

This Character Put On a Show


We went to the Tomigusuku Wetlands to see how the Spoonbills were doing.

This little bird caught my eye.

It's a Northern Lapwing and there aren't many to be seen in Okinawa.

bird, Northern Lapwing bathing in water

The little rascal was taking a bath in some pretty dirty water.

bird, Northern Lapwing takes flight from water

It shook the water off and started flapping around.

bird in flight

When they get all wet, it makes identification difficult so, I wasn't sure what kind of bird it was.

in flight antics of bird

They usually have some kind of iridescent green feathers on their sides.

funny pose of bird in flight over water

But, this crazy bird wouldn't show them to me.

Over at ARKive, I found one the same color and they said it was immature.

And, at AboutCom Wild Birds, I learned, they put on quite a courtship dance.

So, that has me wondering.

Do you suppose it's mating season or, was this bird just being immature ?

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