Thursday, November 28, 2013

Just Shoot the Them in the Eye -- You Can Move the Body Later

photo clearly demonstrates focus on bird's eye

Don't Worry I Haven't Joined a Gang or Swat Team



This is a Photo Tip that will show you how to bring home the best bird photos.

Put the Camera on Center Focus



The exception to this rule would be, a whole flock of birds, filling the frame.

There, maybe, area focus would work best.

When you spot a single bird, perched or, in flight, go for the eyeball.

Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle with ocean view in background

This lone, Buzzard Eagle was in a tree overlooking the shores of Kouri Jima.

It appears, the bird is in the lower left of the frame.

 But, that isn't how the shot was composed.

image depicting crosshairs on bird's eye

If you can see the crosshairs of my unprocessed RAW file, the bird was at dead center.

Wild birds don't exactly pose for you so, you have to concentrate on their eyes.

bird, Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle preched on tree with ocean view in background

Sometimes, they look to the right.

bird in right side of frame, ocean view

Other times, it's to the left.

It doesn't matter to me.  All I wait for, is a chance for the shadows and light to be right.

Then, I shoot them in the eye.

Move the body later, to conform with the Rule of Thirds.

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