Saturday, November 2, 2013

Catching Up on Okinawa's Seemingly Endless Summer

This Isn't a Complaint





It's as if there are only two seasons on this island.

Hot.   And, Not.

It's  November.  So, that's how I got dressed this morning. 

Long trousers, t-shirt with sleeves and, I hand carried a jacket; November stuff.

Now, I'm at the office, thinking about turning the air conditioner on.

It's nice enough, outside, to take a swim at the beach.

But, all the running around with cameras has got me way behind on the website stuff.

Forcing myself to get caught up, turned out to be a good idea.



That's How These Editor's Picks Were Discovered




fireworks illuminate night sky

Hanabi in Okinawa
Taken: JUL 27, 2013

black and gold dragonfly

Dragonfly:  Okinawa Cho-tombo
Taken: AUG 28, 2013

baby turtle runs for sea

Into the East China Sea
Taken: SEP 4, 2013

purple flower

Where the Sun Don't Shine
Taken: SEP 11, 2013

split in forest trail

Split Decisions
Taken: SEP 14, 2013

duck swimming at a dam

Dam Duck
Taken: SEP 18, 2013

full moon

Harvest Moon
Taken: SEP 19, 2013

team paddling a sailing sabani boat

Ayakaji at Ou-jima
Taken: SEP 22, 2013

All the Activities on Okinawa Make You Lose Sense of Time


Somebody should remind us when summer is over.

Chasing wildlife, festivals, belly dancers, bugs, ballet and bar-hopping gets a guy confused.

It's looking like we're getting caught up on all the administrative details.

But, I'd better double check everything, tomorrow.

Before you know it, the not so hot season will be here.

And, Santa Claus, is supposed to come to town !

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