Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have You Ever Seen a Wooden Toy Museum ?

  An Attraction in the Yambaru Hills of Okinawa





Here are some photos to give you an idea what it's like.

Knowing what I know, now, I wished I had played with some of the toys.

circle in wooden floor filled with wooden stones

Everything in the place is made of wood.

Shelves full of wooden toys

The idea behind all of this, is to turn kids-on to nature, in a wooden playground.

wooden toy museum interior

Just thrilled, to be in there, shooting photos, I didn't touch any of the stuff.

wood shelves and toys

Back in the office, I researched (online) and learned something.

wooden motorcycle

They made these toys from different types of wood.

wood carving of scooter

Some of the heaviest and some of the lightest woods, in all of Japan.

On the way out of the place I read a sign.

It said something about Forest Therapy and I wish I had picked-up some of those toys.

Should we ever go back to that place again, I'll see if I can feel the difference.

Yeah, Buddy.  I'll go get myself forest therapized !

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