Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Working Portrait of the Week: The Cameraman

A woman camerman in Japan

  A Little Explanation


First, the sun isn't going to shine, like that again, the rest of this week.
Secondly, that's a woman, shooting the big camera.  I know.
Cameraman, is what I call her.
Cameralady, just doesn't sound right.

At the Itoman Sabani Races


There isn't much time for socializing, when you're shooting a boat racing event.
They were giving opening ceremony speeches when I asked her.
"Are you a cameraman?"
She replied in the affirmative.  And, I got permission to shoot her.
But, forgot to ask her name !

Another Tropical Storm Is Brewing


I know, there won't be anymore photos, of this sort, coming out of my camera, the whole week.
 Maybe, this gal will find me over on Facebook.
Then, I can find out who she is and,  give her a printed, working portrait.
And, possibly, I'll get a model release signed, too !



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