Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten Photos of the 2013 Itoman Mayor's Cup Sabani Race + Video

man waving red flag to start sabani sailing race

It all starts with the wave of the red flag.

There is also a lot of noise made by a gong and a conch shell.

white sail and team paddling sabani boat

Pretty much immune to noise (hearing impaired) I ignore all the sounds and just shoot.

sabani sailing boat in race

The goal, for me, is to get good photos, of as many sabani boats as I can.

sailing sabani boat with crew of three paddlers

As a cameraman, covering an event, you have to be impartial.

sailing sabani boats in competition

Shoot all the boats, coming and going.

sailing sabani boat at sea

It doesn't matter if there's a favorite boat on the water.

wooden sailing sabani boat

At an event like the Mayor's Cup, getting photos of every boat is what counts.

two man sailing sabani boat

Why do I make sure I get a photo of every boat ?

sabani sailboat in Itoman Harbor

Well, just think about it for a minute.

Remember your high school yearbook.  Look at it if you can still find it.

sabani boat with brown sail

How would you feel if everybody else was in there and, they just left you out ?

Video from Okinawa, Japan: Itoman Mayor's Cup by Hiroyuki Nakagawasai


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