Thursday, March 13, 2014

Possibly a Pink-eyed Pong Pong Tree

Sometimes Facebook Ain't Such a Bad Deal



When my brain doesn't feel like working, I go over there and get inspiration.

If it hadn't been for someone asking to identify a plant, I wouldn't know what to blog about today.


Flowers that looked something like this, got me going.

There are lots of photos, of these plants in my pending folders so, I did some research.

flowers, tree, fruits

Whenever, I find some unusual flower on a tree, I shoot the leaves and fruits, too.

leaves, tree, fruits

These were spotted on the other side of the island.

If I had some in my backyard, I'd shoot them year round just to show seasonal changes. 


There's plenty of information about this tree on a Singapore Government Website.

They give common names, Latin and even Chinese, if you need some.

It can be called: Sea Pong Pong, Pink-eyed Cerbera, Pong-pong, Buta Buta or, Tanghin Poison. 

Latin: Cerbera manghas L.

Chinese: 海芒果

Poison Rang a Bell with Me



So, I did a little more investigating because that stuff could be dangerous.

tree, poisonous,leaves,fruits
 If you have one of these trees growing in your yard you should know something about it.

The leaves and fruits are extremely poisonous.

Some dingbats, intentionally, kill themselves with it.

Another common name for it is Sea Mango (ミフクラギ) for the Japanese audience.

The flowers are fragrant but, if you are the proud owner of a Pong Pong Tree...

Don't Eat the Fruits or Leaves !

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