Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Don't They Have a Be Kind to Radishes (大根) Week ?

The Neighbor Gave These to My Wife



That's probably because he knows the way I am.

These daikon (radishes) probably weren't the best, to display at the market.

But, they make great subjects for photography.

And, I do blogging stuff, too.

male and feemale-looking radishes

My cameras were back at the office.

So, I propped them up on the wife's chair, quick, before she washes them and chops them up.

And, shot the image with my cell-phone .

Title:  Just a Couple of Radishes Watching TV

The thought, occurred to me, I should probably lug a DSLR home with me every night.

It may be too late to get another photo of these characters.

They might have already been cooked.

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