Saturday, March 15, 2014

The March 15th Moon Stood Fairly Still

But the Osprey Was a Fast Mover



There seems to be some discrepancy about this month's Full Moon.

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it was tonight.

Farmer's Almanac, says it's tomorrow and other places, say it will be Monday.

Well, I went and climbed a tower to wait for moonrise.

military aircraft in flight, Osprey

Before the moon showed up, along came this Osprey Flying machine.

That gave me an idea.  

Wait until I could compose a scene with some background in it for that Auto Awesome thing.
It took some doing because I don't have any control over where those birds fly.

military aircraft in flight, Motion GIF, Osprey

The plane flying past the red bridge that connects two outer islands was just what I needed.

The Pentax K3 takes more than 8 photo frames a second.

So, I fired off about 10 continuous shots while panning the camera on a tripod.

It was 6:20PM  when this scene was created.

Moon, Image

The Full Moon showed up and I took this photo at 6:45PM.

By 7PM, I was out of the tower in Kin Town and, back in my office, downloading the camera.

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