Monday, March 3, 2014

Zakimi Castle at Night (12 Photos)

Don't Miss this UNESCO Castle at Night



Last night was the first time, I ever saw this UNESCO site lit up in the evening.

Not many people show up after the sun goes down at night.

Entrance to castle at night

Just guessing here, but, there could be a couple of possibilities.

Maybe It Wasn't Widely Advertised


Zakimi Castle Illuminated
 A photographer would never complain about a lack of people at a tourist location.

illuminated stone walls of castle

 It gives you a chance to shoot the photos, at real slow shutter speeds.

close-up view, castle stones illuminated at night

When a few visitors, started walking through the scenes, I just shot walls.

Zakimi Castle courtyard illuminated

The courtyard had been rained on, recently and the grass, was a little wet and slippery.

stone archway, Zakimi Castle at night

Anybody, who grew up on a farm, would be reminded of  a pasture, after the rain.

It smelled better here, because there were no cow paddies to slip on, just mud puddles.

wide angle view, Zakimi Castle nightscape

One couple, kept popping into my scenes but, I didn't mind.

Joking with them, I told them to take their time.

shillouette, Zakimi at night

Whenever they quit wiggling around, I took some shots with them in the frame.

stone castle walls, illuminated at night

Taking photos, in this kind of light, you need about 30 seconds of exposure.

tourists and castle walls at night

The same guy and gal, showed up, again, when I really didn't want them to be in my scene.

They were about the same height as each other.

shadow and light, castle at night

Then, she stood by one of the lights and her shadow, grew about ten feet tall !

That gave me a good chuckle.

It was tempting, to ask them to pose for me. But, I passed on that idea.

low angle, castle illumination at night

Another Possibility for the Low Attendance



The illumination of the castle is in celebration of Yomitan becoming the most populated village.

That's the most people, in any village, throughout Japan.

Maybe, everybody stays at home during the hours of darkness.

If they don't keep up the populating, they could lose the title of most populous village.

That's what, I'm thinking, anyway !

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